The Halal way to Invest

How to let your money works for you in a Halal way?

Anass Haijeb
8 min readJul 9, 2020
Which are the Halal Investments in today’s world?

We will see some useful information, tools, examples, and platforms where every one of us can invest without stressing and looking in-depth at every single voice of the financial Statement and evaluate if each it is or not compliant with our values

Muslims and 2020 Society

How many of us thought of investments for our future plans, for a new house, to start that new business, relocate to a new place, or for our retirement plan.

Many times right, and what did block you? Lack of confidence, lack of financial knowledge, not knowing which and where to look, or you didn’t find the right platform? In my cases, most of the time was the misalignment with my values, exactly as a Muslim I do try my best to respect our values, and especially while doing financial decisions. As the money you earn is part of your life: the food you eat, the car you drive and etc..etc...

When eventually, we start to focalize on the big picture and curate every aspect of our financial freedom and especially avoiding debt; we also want to develop a new way of income that will lead to, inshAllah, satisfaction, and confidence with our decisions and money.



Anass Haijeb

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