How do I Invest in the Cryptocurrency World?

The Blockchain and related Cryptocurrency, is changing the web, creating the future of web: Web 2.0; And thanks to plsyforms like Coinbase, Binance and, this world became mainstreamed.

Anass Haijeb
7 min readFeb 27, 2021



Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are relatively new, it is time to jump in ASAP!

First of all, as the old but evergreen suggestion of Warren Buffet says: “Do not invest in something you do not understand! ”.

Therefore before making any sort of investments in this world, it is wise and surely helpful to discover and learn how this digital world of decentralized governance works.


How and where do I start learning from?

I am here to give you some hints on how to start and invest with 0$, just your bank account: Yes! ZERO DOLLARS as you can use the rewards that the following platforms are giving away, in order to generate new users and facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

I will show you, at the end of this article, also how to generate some free cash flow.

As the subject will need an ad-hoc article and we are not here to understand the basis of Blockchain but discover new ways of investments diversification; however, if you are a newbie in the sector I will link below some useful information where you can discover more and learn from:

What is Blockchain Technology By IBM:

What is Blockchain Technology by Investopedia:

What is Cryptocurrency by Investopedia:

What Is Cryptocurrency by Forbes:

How to profit from this, relatively new, industry?



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