How Addressing Feedbacks This Way Lead me to Achieve Great Results

Listen and Give Five Positive Comments for every Constructive One. We Love to be Appreciated, Both in Private and Professional Life.

Anass Haijeb


What is your relationship with feedbacks?

Let me share with you these little things so you and the circle of people surrounding you can discover, judge, and maybe apply in your daily life…

Just a brief introduction of the major points:

  • The ratio between praise and criticism
  • Constructive comments
  • How positive thinking affects the brain
  • Tips to apply the suggestion in real life

The Ideal Praise-to-Criticism Ratio

After reading an article in “Harvard Business Review” HBR, on how the research conduct by Heaphy and Losada, demonstrates that a good ratio between the type of comments we give is 5.6 positive feedbacks, every 1 constructive (negative) comment; “The journal that firstly published the article expressed some concern about the data of the study”, but if we do not take in consideration the precise ratio, we can without even one doubt affirm that more positive comments lead us in both: private and professional life, to behave and be more productive in what we do, as we are both motivated and inspired.

The efforts, should and must be appreciated

Obviously, negative comments are also vital, in terms of progress and wellbeing as well as be more efficient in developing the lack of confidence or the ability in certain areas where we must improve because we can shift part of our focus on the “bad” things that have rooms to improvement.

Now, while writing, I am trying to remember the past professional and personal experiences and make them as much vivid as possible. The outcome is that indeed the best relationships, projects, and environment were the ones where there was more supportive behavior and trying to elevate each other to make the best possible we could do and achieve, with good and constructive comments.

Try yourself, to think about…



Anass Haijeb

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