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Introduction and scope

During these months innovators and business leaders came up with awesome innovations, and businesses’ pivoting, making masks and ventilators; besides the latter let’s discover which one of the best innovations can and will help us pass this difficult time safely.

As I would like to have an all in one document where innovative solutions are gathered, I have decided to share with you this research-presentation, and hopefully, that will be useful for you.

It was and it is indeed satisfying, as we can see the world unite towards finding solutions, that in most of the cases is only adaptation: and this skill is a powerful one as will help and support us survive but most importantly develop ourselves.

Let’s talk about innovation!

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.

Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” William Pollard

You are reading this, so you know exactly what the purposes of innovation are;

however, I want to make a statement to better address the point.

Innovation plays a fundamental role during this, still undefined period where we are discovering how to react until a vaccine will be available and we will be able to get back to «normal» life.

Innovation, especially during this time, should be simple and easy to implement in our lives.

Anti Covid-19 Innovators and Innovations

Back to the main topic of this presentation; here a list of people, innovators, and “pivoters” that came up with fantastic new ideas and improvements on what could help us during this pandemic.

You will have several gadgets and applications of any kind listed below: from the coolest and sophisticated to the “simplest” funniest ones. Ok, let’s discover them.

There are a lot of concepts and already tested innovation that can be useful, so please if you find some interesting thing (and I am sure you already did) to share it with me and add to the list, you know where to find me :)

Anti Covid-19 Innovation: High tech Wearables

The Aeri concept

It comes with built-in ultraviolet lights that can disinfect filters within 10 minutes when connected to a power supply through a USB port,

The mask uses removable filters that are on par with N95 filtration capacity.

If the concept materializes, each filter could last up to a month and a half, significantly longer than surgical masks and N95 respirators’ life.

Ao Air’s Facewear allows our users to live without fear of air borne pathogens and air pollution.

Ao Air face wear uses advanced nano-fiber technology to clean and filter air, protecting the user while providing unparalleled comfort.

Aō air’s new alternative to traditional n95

Independently validated by the Auckland University of technology to provide users with up to 50x better

protection than, common masks. *

Ao Air Mask


IIT band

IIT developed a smart band prototype capable of monitoring human

body parameters and sending an alert when the body temperature

is higher than 37.5 Celsius degrees, moreover, the smart band can

monitor the distance between people.

The wristband reads, thanks to radio signal on the

Bluetooth frequencies, the motion of the human body

and monitors the distance from another wristband.

When two wristbands are in proximity,

they vibrate and emit an alert signal,

thus helping people respect the necessary

safety distance

Tended’s Wearable

Tended provides connected safety solutions to support social distancing, its technology helps ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters between workers, to reduce and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Rombit — Romware Bracelet

In Belgium, dockworkers are instructed to wear bracelets that enforce social distancing rules while they work.

They’re made by Belgian company Romware, a Rombit’s subsidiary: they are “a fully integrated personal safety and security device, specifically designed for highly industrial environments.”

Bracelets won’t allow companies to track employees’ locations, because the devices are only connected to each other

Rombit: Romware bracelet


Aviointeriors’ forward-backward Janus seat concept has built-in dividing screens to help protect air passengers from the risk of infection while in the air.

With Janus the middle seat of a three-seat row is turned around, a shield is then erected between all three seats that creates individual spaces for each passenger.

Aviointeriors’ other idea, Glassafe, is a “kit-ready solution that can be installed on existing seats”. It works by adding a transparent shield to each headrest, isolating each passenger from those surrounding them.

Aviointeriors, believes that the Janus and “Glassafe” could be the answer that air travelers are looking for when it comes to increasing protection from viruses.

UV Sanitizer

“When innovations also mean collaboration”

Munchkin 59S

A compact and fast-acting device that uses UV-C light to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs from small baby items like pacifiers and bottle tops.

According to the experts at Munchkin, the UV-C light in the Mini Sanitizer destroys many forms of viruses and batterie (E. coli, staph, candida, RSV, H1N1 influenza, and coronavirus (ATCC VR-740, Strain 229E), a seasonal strain from the same coronavirus family as SARS-CoV-2) –

While none of the claims have been reviewed or approved as effective by the FDA, the product was developed with 59S, a leader in UV LED technology, and tested in independent laboratories for effectiveness.




The autonomous sterilizing robot cleans any surface it is placed on, all by itself. Using smart sensors, it can detect surface edges and automatically makes a turn, without any risk of falling off.

Hospitals use UV light robots to sterilize and disinfect rooms and surfaces to prevent the replication of harmful bacteria and viruses.

The founders of Smartify have used the

same technology to create UVRoboclean,

and get the same end-results.

Smartify has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest innovative product.

P.S (currently suspended)


I had to insert robot in this list, even if it is not an innovation that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, however robots, during this lockdown, have been used even more for different scopes, from delivery to, as in this case, search and alert.

The Boston Dynamics Spot robot is being used in a pilot program in Singapore. The pilot program relies on the Spot Robot to ensure that social distancing measures are being followed in parks. The robot will be used to inform citizens in the parks during nonpeak hours, and the program will run for two weeks. The Spot robot will be controlled remotely with recorded instructions.

Spot a nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, yet is small enough to use indoors. SPOT

Open Source dpi

NanoHack, an open-source 3D printed masks against COVID-19

The mask imagined by Copper3D should be antiviral, reusable, modular, washable, recyclable, and affordable.

A traditional mask must be thrown away after some NanoHack was conceived as an active/antimicrobial 3D printed face mask manufactured with active materials to get extra protection against microorganisms.

NanoHack Mask is a last resort device to offer protection from airborne particles and prevent spreading liquid contaminating the airways

Download here NanoHack2.0 STL File


is a multipurpose personal device, born as an open-source response for the COVID-19 pandemic, to allow contactless interaction with daily routine objects.

Handy is available as a large version, open-source, 3D printable, ready for DIY, easy to use for several tasks, or for purchase as a small version, a keychain to take always with you.

Designed by Matteo Zallio:

“A charismatic architect (by training), an energetic designer (by practice), an eclectic researcher (by passion), an inspiring coach (by chance)”

Full Video

Virtual Reality + Remote Work

Virtual reality (VR) seems tailor-made for this moment.

VR it is not a new technology, for years struggled to achieve consumer adoption. But now, the seismic changes reshaping every aspect of society — from the workplace to the health care system — create new opportunities for VR to have a transformative impact.

Other Projects

Now, schools, restaurants, and parks are working to adapt to the new reality, and some are approaching the situation with a sense of humor.

Across the world, places are coming up with inventive and sometimes funny approaches to ensure people remain safely distanced, from pool noodle hats to mannequin dining partners.

Discover innovations and Submit your contribution: Funding & tender opportunities — Opportunities

The COVID-19 Design Directory tracks projects, ideas, and impact with the goal of having a record of design’s contributions during this pivotal time in history.


We are working and will reach

practical solutions until the vaccine

will be found.

Transportation is still behind other sectors such as Disposal Protection Individual and Social Distancing wearables;

New technologies, such as Virtual Reality, have assured more users’ adoption and working towards improving their technology

The world, however, has changed and the way we live and do business will change and take, as already did, a different way.

Time will reveal everything. Stay Safe and Innovate.

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