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Forget Squarespace and Wix

Anass Haijeb
2 min readJul 2, 2020


I need to tell you about this CMS, which is not very known in the western area of the planet, and so its a sin not using its potentiality as a website builder: Tilda Publishing.

Ok, what’s the big deal of Tilda?

There are many platforms that offer similar services with higher characteristics, you will tell me after checking it for a bit, and yes you are right, Tilda indeed has limited integrations and options to be your central platform, but, but…is the perfect tool to show your project and/or services, in the best professional while keeping a FREE plan.

If you need a website where testing your idea, showcase your portfolio or use it as a landing page Tilda.cc is the perfect choice.

Let's compare them:

CMS comparative table

The above comparison shows the options and my personal evaluations of each platform, having used them all in different contests I would use Squarespace however there is no a FREE version and that is what shifts me away for the beginning of the projects when there is no cash flow but just “cash-out”

For a better and broader CMS analysis, of Square and Wix, you can check IONOS.com here they did a great job with also a technical analysis that I didn’t mention in the above.

An example of a free website made on Tilda: http://afriangels.tilda.ws/

The world is yours!



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